Me, Music, and Emotion

Prewords: I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence…

It is very difficult to live without music. We hear music everywhere: in the streets, at home, over the radio, and on TV, in the shops, in the parks, and in the concert halls. We can’t live without music, it is within us. We like to listen to music and play it. Music charges us like a battery and fills us with the energy. It reflects mood and emotions.

It’s amazing how a song can bring you up, push you to go further, make you feel stronger, not so alone, and just make you cry uncontrollably.  Music is so much more than a mechanical progression through a series of pitches. In fact, the grand part of music is emotion.

No matter on people around you and no matter on the kinds of their characters, I mean, no matter how sweet and kind they are, there are times when you need the whole world to be gone and you need to stay all alone with your own self. Though, it is not that easy to make this world gone and it is twice difficult to make this whole world go out of your head. And it is music, the only thing that can help you get rid of these thoughts and that can help you feel like there is nothing but you and nothing but those thoughts and feelings you care about right this moment.

You choose the music you love and it is music different from everything you are listening for fun. It is the special music you listen for not so often but you will never refuse it no matter on what. It is the kind of music that is hidden somewhere on your PC and you play it only in those cases when you need this world to leave you alone. You put on your headphones, you turn on your music, you start to play it, and then you cry, or maybe it can brings you a smile. It takes a couple of seconds for this world to leave you alone with this music.

Music for me is a language. It’s a perfect media to confess or express something without words. Music is a part of my life, our life, everywhere for anyone…


~ by Indira Singgih on September 5, 2011.

11 Responses to “Me, Music, and Emotion”

  1. i’d love to hear your secret play list 🙂 xo

  2. 感情の完全、明確、固体、短い。

  3. I always wait your blog post. I’ve heard that you will held an exhibition here. Just let me know when and where. Good luck. Greetings from JP

  4. I’ll wait X. Good luck with your next exhibition. I discussed your recent works -mixed media- with Kee, those are so amazing. Keep up the good work!

  5. This is beautiful! Very evocative – the light is perfect.

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