8888 days old…

8888 days old today. What a nice day! I end up on the beach again. I really enjoy to spend my time here. Planning, thinking, praying for forgiveness.

The weather changes, just like all of us. We change. We once knew each other. We once laughed together. We were together in the same box named mad. We are all together gone in the humming of our own world. What world has done to us, friends?


Yes, nothing. The world is stay still with its all the living and unliving things. We are just some kinds of people –just the same with them- who lick and be a bitch. For money, for time, for the world, for work! Hey, it’s okay. It’s not bad anyway.

How do I want to meet you all like the time we spent before. Just look at the back, we were there. Yeah, us. Just us. Without me, without you, just “us”. We played, laughed, chased each other, without thinking that someday we were gonna be different or be an enemy.

If we can’t meet right now, never say that we don’t know each other. Yeah, you’re so busy running and I’m so busy with job, with my own life, and my husband. Husband??? Ahahaha, yeah, I am officially him. It’s a normal thing in the story of life, isn’t it? Time can make everything to be so beautiful. Sometime I really can forget the hatred. I swear!!!

If you are with someone you really love, then be happy. I’m happy for you also. And if you’re still alone, I hope you will meet your ‘L’

L = l.a.s.t

L = l.o.v.e

L = last love

Some people said that the art of living is more like wrestling than dancing. Hmm, yeah life is hard but it’s not harder than I thought it’d be – I thought it would be hard.  It just goes on, and on, and on again. I suppose I’m grateful, then, for some ‘funny and stupid’ things that happened to me, they tell me that those bad days will comes back . Hufftt, just let’s not talk about it…

I just wanna be happy, enjoy my day, and turn on my music.

I will spend much time here, I don’t want to get home too fast!


~ by Indira Singgih on July 10, 2011.

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