Please always be here with me, can you?

3 - with Martin

The west sky has started to red, time to step, again. Please always be here with me, can you?! Yesterday and tomorrow we will always together. And this sorrow has no meaning at all. Just whatever what they want to say. Whatsoever.

The reality of life is like this, so what to say? We are all in the hole of life. We are absorbed inside and can not move out because the power of the absorbance is stronger than us. I have tried to make something better that we can be proud of later, whatever what and how the result will be, because I don’t care at all, whoever, whenever, and however. Hurrraaayyy!!!

So, what to say again, I have tried, if they still say that I’m wrong or they didn’t care to me, hmm… it’s not my fault, that’s their problem then.

My head just aches when I think of the things that they should have done, why they did it, or all the shit that they did. I will forget it, or maybe, I will make it fade away. Because I want to be someone better, yaps, someone better for you.

Life is for living, we all know, and I don’t wanna live it alone.


~ by Indira Singgih on June 3, 2011.

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