The Meaning of Sisterhood

self portrait - bw

Sisterhood is to whom we put the soul, but not run to take it. To whom we tell the dream, but not laugh of it. To whom we tell tragedy, but not take pity on it. Sisterhood is the soul to laugh together, dream, sometimes cry, mock, quarrel, spit, and all the things called time and feel.

Sisterhood is the life where there is no secret even no words.

Yawning and looking the clock, she opens the door in the middle of the night for us. After get angry, she follows to the mud. Laughing when we are sad; whereas deep in heart, she really wants to hug us. Slapping our shoulder when we wanna leave, She will definitely turn around, but go back and bring a huge bag to travel together…

Among the soul blessed of feeling… there are you.

Yes, that’s you…

Thank you.


~ by Indira Singgih on May 8, 2011.

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