A House

Self Portrait - Half Naked

What is the meaning of a house?

The house is not the thing or a place. But a house is something you remember when you’re far away. It is home. Is peacefull and cool. Is the present for them who step so far away with their legs, far or close. But I’m still doubt. Do we really need that? Do we have it? Or do we need to have and own a ‘home’


A place I don’t know where. Well, it’s not here I guess. Not in the hotel. Not in the big and huge building, or in the street. I think everyone in this world has her own position in this fool stupid, named life. And when I’m in my position right now, I want you to see it from different side.

Just like a shrimp in the ocean, I have to swim all the way around just for this piece fragile soul. I want you to understand. Really, I want you to understand. And when I’m a small fish, I want you to be the pool…


~ by Indira Singgih on April 19, 2011.

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