Metropolis, Paris
0.23 am

I have always loved the sea, the ocean, being at the coast and going for long walks next to, or on, the beach. I envy people who live close enough to walk there every day, although they may not appreciate it as I do.

I have never had ‘sea legs’ and even felt sick on a ferry trip down the (rather choppy) river but I love to look at the water and to allow my mind to go off, surfing the waves while I stand and watch like an anxious parent watches a child.

Each wave, no matter how large or small, brings with it a sense of fulfillment. As if the wave, having achieved its goal of reaching the beach, can collapse, exhausted. Each wave has the potential of having come from the other side of the world, in fact from anywhere in the world. In some ways, it has.

The ocean too, deep, mysterious, lets nothing halt its slow and steady progress. It can rise above and flow over all obstacles. It accepts everything into its comforting, dark, soothing folds and continues on, regardless. Who can say what secrets it keeps since we humans have not, yet, charted every inch of it at the same time.

The sea stretches from one side of the world to the other. If only we could ‘walk on water’, we could transcend another of our physical barriers. The vast ocean connects us while also keeping us divided but, like Spirit, the connection lies mostly unseen and only the division is noted by our tired, cynical, world-weary eyes.

As humans we have had this need to name things to make things ‘orderly’ and in this way, some people believes that man has named the seven seas. In truth though, the seas are (mostly) connected one to another. We may have different names for the different seas yet it is all one and the same thing.

What a pity that so many cannot see this relation, this relation with humanity. We all have many different names for who and what we believe, yet it is all one and the same thing. Just like the sea, it too flows on, regardless of our divisions and obstacles.

I wonder what others see when they see the sea?


~ by Indira Singgih on November 7, 2010.

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