Today I am 8635 days old.


Born in Indonesia 9 March 1987, I developed my love for photography when I was a kid. My grandma used to give me her rangefinder camera to take family pictures and to decrease my naughtiness. That was fun!

Being a teenager, I bought my first ‘digital single reflect’ camera and within a few years I developed the necessary technical skills for serious photography from website, tutorials, books, friends, everyone and everywhere. Fortunately, I would have it luck to expand my capability on this field. I made a living as a freelance photographer, graphic designer, and as a digital photo retoucher… eventually documenting real life became my passion.

Grow on the road since 10 years old, I build my different perspectives about life and living. Last year, I began counting my age not in years, but days. The day is the natural cycle of our lives. The cycle of light and dark, wakefulness and sleep, has more significance than the cycle of the seasons. Indeed, in equatorial latitudes, you hardly notice the passing of the seasons. The day is what counts. Each day is a complete unit in itself. At the end of each day I can look back and take stock. How have I been? What have I learned? What can I be grateful for? I can hold a day’s experience in mind quite easily. Trying to go back and take stock of a whole year is much harder. Numerous incidents and discoveries are inevitably forgotten. I also find it meaningful to think that I am still young and I do have chance and power to try so many things. And it reframes the future. I have — probably — thousands of days still to come. Thousands of new days to discover, enjoy and learn from. You know, today I am 8635 days old.

I love rain, flower, music, and everything around me.  To look at the things closer, help me to find myself – to find who I am.

Coming to different place, different culture, at the different time was a great inspiration and I started documenting every day people in the urban jungle with my camera – I would roam the streets for hours, longing for the next great photograph.

During the past few years my love for photography has grown, my work evolved, and became multi-faceted, but I always stayed true to the simply-meaningful picture, as candid as it can be!




~ by Indira Singgih on October 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “Today I am 8635 days old.”

  1. Mbak Indira,

    I love your photos, it’s really deep and shows our surrounding. Keep on going Mbak.

  2. hi manik. i just love ur photographs. they are really deep and touching. you gave me a new perspective towards life. ur photos really touch a chord in everyones life.

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