Hello world!

self portrait

Photography is my job, my hobby, my passion, and my stress release. Not being able to do photography during my free time is extremely disappointing and frustrating.

I need photography to soothe my soul and to express my feeling.

Photography allows me to see things differently then in the past when i didn’t have this interest. I have learned to look at things much closer and from many different perspectives

Photography enables you to see things you may have passed by and not noticed. I always laughed that you could put an elephant in front of me and I wouldn’t have noticed.

The reason why I placed my own photo of a watch here, is to convey a well known conception of photography which states image taking is like freezing the time. For me, this conveys a memory or a place not just the image, and the feelings I felt when I took that image. Perhaps, that shot reflected my life going well, a success or a sadness experience at the time. These feelings also frozen with the image stays with me.

So, I post my photo in this blog to let you “see-know-comprehend” about myself, my philosophy of life, my different point of view, about our globe, and  so many things around us, without ‘too much’ words.

Look closer, feel deeper, and then you will see better.

If you ask me, who I am? I am just a barcode.

Nameless. Without who, when, where, and what for!

Why? Because I don’t know who I am.

I’m still searching for the answer, for where I belong to, and for fine peace of mine.

I hope though for me, I will always be able to see and capture the moment in time.

If you enjoy photography and reading this, then just enjoy! Enjoy the moment because it will soon be gone but you will have the image to remember it by.


~ by Indira Singgih on October 21, 2009.

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